Shivir 2024, are you excited?

28th April to 4th May’24

गीता परिवार हैदराबाद
एंव श्री स्वामी नारायण गुरूकुल
द्वारा आयोजित
22वाँ बाल संस्कार शिविर

जीवन विद्या
Science of Life

The journey from me to Nation;

Self, Family, Society, Nation

Date: 28th April to 4th May 2024
Venue: Shree Swamy Narayan Gurukul, Moinabad, Hyderabad.
Age group: 8-13 Girls and Boys

Immerse yourself into the world of mindful flexibility that releases tension and stress from all your body.


In our Shivir, Yoga is a way of Life

Shivir activities?

Physical activities for different age groups:
Lath/ Jhanj/ Nanchak/ Gymnastics/ Martial Arts/ Dance


Mindfulness Activities

Our Vision my Mission

Stage Performance

Skill Development

Yoga & Pranayam

Bhajan Sandhya

Films on moral values

Bhagwat Gita

Khel kud & Tournaments

Happy Hour

Join for a time full of Joy & Learning.


What past students say

I learned a lot from all the courses, they help me get in tune with the sanatan sanskar and make me feel wonderful. Thanks Guruji! Really enjoying your wisdom!


I loved all the activities, they help me get in fitter with self defence and make me feel wonderful. Thanks Datta Bhau!